Sometimes I wanna be really mad at tank cause he can be so fucking rude. So I’ll get mad and he knows when im mad and I’ll be like “get out” and he walks away, looks back at me with his head down with these sad beautiful golden eyes and I’m like nah come here I love you.

did you get tank as a puppy?? wait do tell how you go that cutie pa tootie

Okay so some time ago my aunt Lisa was trying to get people to adopt this puppy because one of her coworkers took it away from an abusive family and if they didn’t find someone to take him in they were going to take him to the pound. So I saw the picture of the dog and his eyes were so sad and sweet and loving at the same time so I was like “okay I need him.” So Lisa was telling me his around 8 months old and I’m okay. Still a puppy and he looks small in the picture. Hope can use a friend. Hope was my dog before tank. So I go and pick up tank and let me fucking tell you this 8 month old dog was already 80 pounds. He was huge. He ran up to me so loving and sweet and licked me all over. So technically he was a puppy since he was 8 months. But he really didn’t look like one.


this actually happened 

Those were not questions about my dog

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bye cant believe some people are afraid of gassing themselves up or finding the real gas within their soul becuz they think its too vain like honey…life is all about YOU..u… as long as it doesnt harm other life…focus on YOU

Ask me questions about my dog

sext: how is your dog doing?